KBC Securities, Belgium, won the Best New Product or Service award for Bolero Crowdfunding, a crowdfunding website enabling startups and established businesses to obtain financing from investors. Bolero is the banks online stock trading platform. POLSKI STANDARD PLATNOSCI, Poland, a consortium of several Polish banks, won the Best Innovation in Payments award for its mobile payments standard, which generates a digital code enabling mobile payments, ATM withdrawals and point-of-service payments by phone, and online payments. Nedbank, South Africa, won the Big Data & Analytics award for Market Edge, its data analytics tool that enables merchants to gain insights into their customers shopping behaviors using a Web-based platform that provides data on customers card transactions, income segment and demographics. ICICI Bank, India, won the Sustainable Business award for its digital village initiative in Akodara, which allows residents to open savings accounts without submitting physical documents, transfer funds by mobile phone and pay for goods without cash. The bank is also digitizing school records and providing digital access to telemedicine, which gives villagers remote access to health care. Patrick Desmares, Efmas secretary general, said, As we reviewed the 500 innovations submitted this year, we realized that banks are finally entering the age of customer-driven innovation. At a time when competition is intense, banks must offer relevant, personalized and seamless experiences across channels to attract and retain customers.The winning institutions are innovating to provide a better customer experience and develop stronger customer relationships. This years winners confirm that banks in all corners of the globe are responding to the universal rise of and fully embracing digital, which is absolutely critical today given changing customerbehaviors, new regulations and emerging competition from new entrants, said Gera. Like with our Fintech Innovation Labs , our objective with this award program is to nurture and foster digital innovation in financial services. To learn more about these innovations, watch the replay of the award-ceremony in Amsterdam at http://www.accenture.com/dmiawards and continue following the conversation on Twitter at #DMIAwards15 . About Efma As a global not-for-profit organization, Efma brings together more than 3,300 retail financial services companies from over 130 countries. With a membership base consisting of almost a third of all large retail banks worldwide, Efma has proven to be a valuable resource for the global industry, offering members exclusive access to a multitude of resources, databases, studies, articles, news feeds and publications.

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I wasn’t surprised to find out he used to own a record store because he looked exactly like a guy who might own a record store. He and his wife Rachel come out to Brooklyn from where they live in the East Village in Manhattan because Spectacle plays films you really can’t see anywhere else. “A lot of their programming just isn’t available,” he said. Spectacle screens a wide range of genre, art-house, and experimental films, but this month has featured an unusually horror- and porn-heavy rotation. “They tend to be genres where political messages are less censored,” explained Danielle Burgos, one of the core volunteers who keep this cinema-lovers’ den up and running. That night, two films playing were from two different series the theater had programmed. Ballet Down the Highway (1975), directed by Jack Deveau, was from the series Man in Man II: crowdfunding More Gay Porn Classics from Hand in Hand Studios, featuring movies all by the same New York-based production company responsible for many of the decade’s gay classics. Earlier that night, Ferat Vampire (1981) played from Spectacle’s series Bohemian Delirium: Czech Horror in the 80s and 90s.

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