While Hundreds Of Sites May Be Popping Up, Not All Of Them Have Real Communities And Funding Successes Under Their Belt.

It’s like MySpace with crowd funding ability. If you’re funding is successful by the deadline, all funds are transferred. As the site is still in beta mode, you can’t start selling any of the above yet, but you could probably add your company details to the site while it ripens! The Lapp gets funded, you get your return on investment. Indiegogo fund-raising is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Some of the most interesting developments in crowd funding, which are expected to grow in the months and years ahead, include: investment crowd funding becoming a shareholder in a company, localization funding focused on participants in specific cities and neighbourhoods, mobile solutions, and group-based approaches. 10 Crowdfunding Sites To Fuel Your Dream Project Do you have a dream? Rocket Hub charges 4% of the fund for successful project, and 8% for project ended without reaching the financial goal. Music-related sites are usually philosophical, with a hardcore user interface, but PledgeMusic is clearly an exception.

Some Updated Guidelines For Programs In Crowdfunding

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