As Amazon Payment Is Used To Receive The Fund, Amazon Will Apply Credit Card Processing Fees, Which Are 3-5% Of Your Raised Project Fund.

Crowdrise specializes more on dealing with real world issues than feeling profitable creativity. Business owners have many financial tools at their disposal. Quirky offers product designers and inventors the chance to bring their products to market. And it’s called Appbackr. Real estate crowd funding edit Real estate crowd funding is the on-line pooling of capital from investors to fund mortgages secured by real estate, such as “ fix and flip “ redevelopment of distressed or abandoned properties, and equity for commercial and residential projects, acquisition of pools of distressed mortgages, home buyer down payments and similar real estate related outlets. Crowdfunding, as its name suggests, is a funding method where common people like you and me, henceforth the crowd, fund your personal or business project with their own money. This guide will help you get the word out about your small business.

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Ways to Craft a Press Release A theme in our Krowdster blog posts has always been, Success leaves Clues. If this is the first time you are ever crafting a press release, then the best way to go about it is to google another project in the past that had a successful campaign that is similar to yours. Once identified, search Google news for that specific crowdfunding campaign so you can see what press releases and press in general that they garnered. You will use their template as your own so that you can model your own release after it. You ultimately want to explain the following 6 components in your press release, similar to what you ultimately will be reporting in your crowdfunding project: Who & How Much Additionally, you must include links to your website & your crowdfunding campaign in the press release so that anyone who reads it will be able to go to a website or crowdfunding campaign page to either get more information or directly contribute to your crowdfunding campaign. Most creators will end up sending out press releases on the 1st day of launch, so make sure you include your crowdfunding campaign link in the press release. The last step is where to promote and syndicate your press release. Ways to Promote a Press Release Now that your press release is crafted, Krowdster plays a pivotal role in syndicating your press release to journalists, bloggers, and PR contacts. Krowdsters powerful Crowdfunding News Wire service allows you to post your press release to 100+ news sites and business blogs. How It Works: Publish your crowdfunding campaign on 100+on news sites and business blogs by submitting a crowdfunding press release. Submit your crowdfunding press release using the form below. Include images, videos, the link to your campaign page and your contact information.

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