Its Interface Looks Persuasive And Intuitive At The Same Time, Just Like The Kickstarter And Indiegogo! his response to the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter controversy, albino expressed his supportive views of crowd funding for musicians, explaining: “I’ve said many times that I think they’re part of the new way bands and their audience interact and they can be a fantastic resource, enabling bands to do things essentially in cooperation with their audience.” MicroVentures charges 10 percent of the offering amount, if the offering is completed. peer backers . Motivation for consumer participation stems from the feeling of being at least partly responsible for the success of others’ initiatives desire for patronage, striving to be a part of a communal social initiative desire for social participation, and seeking a pay-off from monetary contributions desire for investment . 3 An individual who takes part in crowd funding initiatives tends to reveal several distinct traits: innovative orientation, which stimulates the desire to try new modes of interacting with firms and other consumers; social identification with the content, cause or project selected for funding, which sparks the desire to be a part of the initiative; monetary exploitation, which motivates the individual to participate by expecting a pay-off. 3 21 Further information: Comparison of crowd funding services As of 2012, there were over 450 crowd funding platforms. 25 Project creators need to exercise their own due diligence in order to understand which platform is the best to use depending on the type of project that they want to launch. 21 There are fundamental differences in the services provided by many crowd funding platforms. 3 For instance, CrowdCube and Seders are internet platforms which enable small companies to issue shares over the internet and receive small crowdfunding investments from registered users in return. film-maker Spike Lee raised US$1.4 million from 6,421 backers in August 2013 to produce Ca Sweet Blood of Jesus . Performance artist Marina Abramovic raised US$661,000 from 4,765 backers in August 2013 after paying US$950,000 to buy a building that would house the “Marina Abramovic Institute”. In addition, 4% of credit card processing charge will also be applied. Once your campaign is launched, send updates on your progress. It even labels itself as a platform that help raises money for Charity. Claiming to have raised more than $97,000,000 for thousands of worthy causes, kazoo is the next crowd funding behemoth that you, as a fund-raiser should seek help from.

Beer is having a moment in Britain thanks to the importing of the “craft” brewing movement from the states a few years ago. Breweries are springing up across the country and experimenting with styles and methods of brewing that haven’t been available for decades sometimes even longer. We asked David Jackson of Eebria and Andrew Reeve of Honest Brew to pick out some of their favourite UK-made beers on offer right now. Both Eebria and Honest Brew specialise in selling “craft” beer in the UK ( Honest Brew is crowdfunding at the moment. ) We cross-referencedJackon’s and Reeve’s choices against scores on beer review site Rate Beer to get a ranking of the top 17 British craft beers you have to try right now check them out below.

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Barker, who works in New York City, said the only doctor she’s found who can treat her condition is in California. After exhausting her savings on treatment and travel, she decided to go public with a campaign on the online fundraising site GoFundMe . Barker hopes to raise $50,000 to pay her bills. So far, she has raised more than $25,000, much of which she said came from strangers. Barker said she’s also raised approximately $8,000 in private, direct donations. Barker’s full plea on GoFundMe states : In 2008, I made aliyah and immigrated to Israel. Between 2008 and 2009, I, unknowingly, contracted an infectious disease from a tick or head lice.

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