Different PR people, they just really believe in our project and are committed to making us succeed. I think that’s a big difference from what you see with Kickstarter. Most of what they do is just have the platform and they ask you to do all that stuff on your own.” What struck me most about my conversation with Beachum and Syam was how relaxed they were for guys who were in the initial days of a campaign. Most of the time when I talk to creators who haven’t hit goal–or who are scrambling to figure out how to handle sudden success–a note of panic is always present. Beachum and Syam just seem like two guys who are happy to be working their dream jobs. Maybe there’s something to the idea of a platform doing the heavy lifting. Maybe the future of this space looks a lot more like a lot of different, focused platforms rather than a few big crowdfunding clearing houses. Or Fig could just turn out to be a rare bird. The platform does have a unique set of advisors on hand.

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Straightforward Tips On Logical Tactics For Crowdfunding

Follow @guykawasaki This video perfectly mocks all crowdfunding videos It might take you a minute to realize where youve seen this video before. Thats because youve seen it everywhere. The lines, the music, the shots are all straight out of other crowdfunding videos. Well done, Celery. Full story at Celery .

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