Support Reality Crowd TV by Voting For Them Here! There is also a mentorship aspect to the program in which the winner will have access to Comcast Executives, Sam Schwartz and Louis Toth, as well as other well-known and accomplished entrepreneurs like Robert Irvine and Patrick Fitzgerald. The company has selected 32 applicants out of thousands to be their regional finalists and go on to crowdfunding compete for the grand prize. Out of the 32 finalists, one will be voted on for the grand prize of $20,000. Voting began on April 27thand will continue through May 10th, 2015. With a bit of irony, one of the Comcast finalists, Reality Crowd TV (RCTV) , is also a company with a mission to help entrepreneurs, and has been doing so since its inception. Founded by Manolis Sfinarolakis in December of 2013, Reality Crowd TV engaged in a nationwide tour across the United States which included speaking engagements in Connecticut, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Jacksonville, Austin, Houston, Denver, and Seattle in an effort to evangelize the nascent crowdfunding ecosystem and the many participants in it. Support Reality Crowd TV by Voting For Them Here! RCTV plans to use the regional prize of $10,000, as well as the grand prize of $20,000 (if awarded), to add new features to their community, revamp their website presence, and purchase software systems to help manage their ever growing business inquiries.They also plan on applying for additional grant programs that will support the hiring of employees in the Northeast region of the United States. Earlier this year, RCTV launched its new Virtual Incubator and Crowdfunding Network (VICN). VICN is a Quora ( like platform designed for its users to draw upon the collective knowledge of the community to help entrepreneurs learn all the nuances of launching a start-up company.

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Submit your project to the “Launchpad” for feeling. That’s where crowd funding sites, a place where everyone could donate money to fund your dream project, can help you kick-start your dreams! They create the necessary organizational systems and conditions for resource integration among other players to take place. [3] Relational mediators act as an intermediary between supply and demand. To attract even more potential companies, Crowdfunder has organized a start-up contest where you simply create your company profile, then let the crowd vote for it. Its “Backer Rewards” feature is known as “Perks” here. The winner will get up to $500,000 in funding, not a bad deal to attract funding while test-firing your company ideas! You will see the features and advantages of each site, which can help you pick the site to feature your dream in.

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Fees: all-or-nothing model, 3-5% transaction fee, 5% of funds raised. #2: Indiegogo Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo is globally open and accessible not to mention, it has been around a bit longer. While both websites have gained credibility over the years, Indiegogo makes it easier for businesses and individuals to campaign, as there is no rigorous application process. In saying this, however, this portal can become costly if funds have not been raised. Nonetheless, Indiegogo is extremely popular and is a viable choice for any crowdfunder. Fees: 4% of funds, or 9% of goal if underachieved.

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