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You choose how much revenue to share and how long (the number of years) you’ll share it. (“you can’t spell Internet without intern.”) Ventures are organized under these categories: the planet, education, community, health, opportunity, and sustainable food. Probably the hottest crowd funding site on the Internet is Kickstarter, which raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects so far. However, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t raise money for personal causes! Also during this time period, 442 crowd funding campaigns were launched globally on a daily basis. [14] The Crowdfunding Centre’s May 2014 report identified the existence of two primary types of crowd funding: Rewards Crowdfunding: entrepreneurs pre-sell a product or service to launch a business concept without incurring debt or sacrificing equity/shares.

This palm-sized Nuclius device allows live TV, cloud-based DVR and VOD content to be accessed and enjoyed from just crowdfunding about anywhere on earth as long as there’s a high speed wired or wireless Internet connection available. Just plug it in and enjoy. View photo . Even more impressive is Nuclius’ TV service starts at less than $20 per month for 150 channels and has a 489 channel option, including all the premium channels, for less than $50 per month. These prices are considerably lower than all pricing available from cable and satellite providers with similar offerings. Nuclius is touted as the nation’s first Prepaid Live TV service, so there are no contracts. It’s all billed month to month for simplicity and affordability. And the best part is the Nuclius Celestial $50 (489 channel) service will be provided for 6 months for free to all Nuclius Ursa Pre-Order customers. But TV is just the beginning. Nuclius also gives its Users the ability to Instant Message other Nuclius Users worldwide, stay on top of Social Networking, Browse the Web, Gift Movies and TV Shows to other Users, make phone calls through the TV, check email and many more extremely impressive features not possible through cable and satellite providers. The Nuclius Ursa is currently being crowdfunded with buy in opportunities for those who want to become involved and special preorder package options for people wanting to be one of the first to ditch cable/satellite once they start shipping.

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Simplifying Rudimentary Crowdfunding Solutions

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